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Premier Wound Care of Southern California is an experienced and innovative wound care program, specializing in Complex and Surgical wounds. We provide personalized and convenient wound care at your home or facilities located within San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County and Los Angeles County (see a map of the areas we work in). We started our organization in 2011, to help address the demand for high quality wound care as well as provide a convenient alternative to wound care centers.

Treating patients where they are!

Our Wound Care Certified nurses and doctors come to your location for treatment. After an initial assessment, we work with our patients and their caregivers to develop a plan of care and a schedule focused on wound healing and patient convenience.

What we can do to help you!

A key motivator for us is the desire to help those that are unable to receive traditional wound care and those that have had unsuccessful wound care. These individuals may become disillusioned or depressed and are at a higher risk of further complications. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care with aggressive and innovative treatment approaches to heal complex wounds.

We offer state-of-the-art treatment including skin substitutes, skin grafting, myocutaneous flap surgery, debridement, revascularization, infection control, compression therapy, and negative pressure wound therapy. We can also assist with coordinating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We consult for all types of difficult or non-healing wounds including but not limited to:

Surgical Wounds

open non-healing post-surgical wounds
localized incisions
infected and/or draining wounds
complex surgical wounds
Pressure Ulcers with Complications

multiple stage II
stage III or IV
Other Wounds Associated with:

infections requiring IV antibiotics
wounds requiring frequent dressing changes
diabetic ulcers
necrotizing fasciitis
peripheral vascular disease
venous stasis
post trauma
implant infections
traumatic wounds

The Keys to Our Success
• Surgeons with extensive wound care experience in general and reconstructive surgery are partnered with wound care certified nurse specialists. Together they provide exceptional wound care, catering to patients at home or in care facilities

• Expertly trained surgeons, physicians and wound care certified nurses ensure high quality care.

• Initial wound assessment with treatment plan and realistic goals clearly explained to the patient and/or patient’s providers

• Comprehensive progress notes document wound conditions and treatment program

• Measurements and
high resolution photos
taken to track progress

• Surgical intervention
such as wound
debridement, skin graft and myocutaneous flap surgery performed when indicated

The Benefits of Our Program

• Eliminate the need for frequent office and hospital visits for wound care

• Optimized treatment plan to reduce overall wound resolution time for even the most difficult wounds

• Reduction and often elimination of the need for transfers to acute care facilities

• Open communication – physicians, nurses and patient, as well as their caregivers are all “kept in the loop,” resulting in a clear treatment plan for the patient and/or his providers

• Individualized patient care – patients receive care from the same provider every visit! This ensures continuity of care and development of a positive, mutually beneficial relationship
• Total wound care costs reduced as wound resolution times are significantly decreased

• Improved moral of patients, caregivers and facility staff – a healed wound that was once a source of great pain and frustration can provide positive psychological and physiological results beyond mere wound closure

We can usually provide our services at no additional cost to the patient.