Specialized Wound Care

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What we do

Premier Wound Care is a unique wound care service for patients who are home bound, in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and other long term healthcare facilities.

We specialize in acute and chronic wound care with an emphasis on “house calls” or to put it another way, we travel to the patient’s location for treatment.  We provide wound care for complex wounds that once required prolonged clinic appointments, expensive transportation or even hospitalization, but can now be provided at bedside in the home or at long term care facilities.

Our focus is treating challenging wounds in a convenient and effective manner.

Why we do it

With a combination of 50+ years of experience in wound care, our doctors and nurses are some of the best and most experienced providers in the area.  Their dedication to their patients and their craft was the impetus for Premier Wound Care’s creation.  There are few wound care providers willing to travel to a patient, let alone a patient with a chronic or difficult wound.  It is an unfortunate situation for many patients, but one that we are attempting to address and improve.

In addition to providing care to those most in need patients and those that have difficulty traveling, there are other benefits as well.  These conveniences minimizes disturbance to the patient’s daily activities and improves wound resolution rates.