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Patient had a pressure ulcer on his left ankle, nectrotic and blackish in color.

“Excellent care… the wound is gone and the ankle is good. Wonderful nurses. I can’t complain about anything.” -Billie C.

Patient had an abdominal abscess requiring surgical debridment and home wound care.

“10 out of 10. The wound healed. They took care of everything, from the surgery to the end it was great. I will recommend to other patients.” -Jose R.’s Nurse Case Manager

Patient had sacral decubitus ulcer requiring surgical debridment and home wound care.

“I could hardly move because of the pain. It is a lot better now. Premier Wound Care did a great job.” -Jeff K.

My name is Santiago, I came to Dr. Rogers for a second opinion, I have been sick since before November 2014 but eventually was told I had gout. The provider I went to gave me pills and said I was fine, I have been bleeding rectally and having chest pain and passing out, I cannot walk or be on my feet longer then 20 minutes without them being swollen, I was dealing with all these changes in my body and I was being told there is nothing wrong with me and I was fine, when finally my fiancé let me know she was made aware of a doctor by the name of Dr. Rogers whom she was going to pay for me to have a second opinion because she knew I was not fine and feared for my life. I saw this doctor and he addressed me with respect and gave me the peace of mind I needed to go forward, although my health is not in good condition if it had not been for Dr. Rogers, I may have died. Dr. Rogers took the time to review my labs and my other symptoms and answered my questions about what he recommended next and I would refer anyone whom I care about to him. This doctor is honest and literally cares about his patients, I am proof of that. Thank you Dr. Rogers for saving my life. -Santiago Diaz


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